Our Orthodontic Advantage

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Orthodontics at Dentistry for Children (DFC)

As a key component of our comprehensive, prevention-focused approach to pediatric dentistry, we provide specialty orthodontic care for children (and even adults). Our professional team consists of four pediatric dentists, a full-time orthodontist and an experienced staff of dental hygienists and dental assistants. Every member of our clinical support staff is trained in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Our integrated approach to your child's care provides numerous benefits when compared to taking your child to a different office for orthodontic treatment:

  • Dr. Woland and our pediatric dentists regularly consult with each other about your child's care with the goal of making treatment seamless and comprehensive. This is made possible by having all of our specialists working together as one practice.
  • Your child's pediatric check-up visits are routinely scheduled together with his/her orthodontic visits to cut down on the total number of trips to the dentist.
  • Our hygienists and assistants are able to remove our DFC orthodontist's arch wires to do a more thorough dental cleaning at your child's check-up appointments.
  • Dr. Woland applies fluoride varnish to your child's teeth at every other orthodontic visit (more often in certain situations) to help prevent enamel decalcifications that can result from poor oral hygiene. These orthodontic fluoride varnish applications, a $73 value each, are free of charge to our DFC orthodontic patients.
  • If Dr. Woland detects a dental problem, such as a cavity or a tooth requiring extraction, or if your child needs any routine dental care such as sealants, any necessary treatment can be scheduled to coincide with your child's orthodontic visits.
  • We have a dedicated, upstairs, state-of-the-art DFC orthodontic suite with digital imaging and fully integrated electronic records.
  • We offer a BracesBucks™ awards program to help motivate your child throughout orthodontic treatment. Your child can accumulate BracesBucks™ to earn gift cards such as Apple, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Amazon and McDonald’s.
  • There is no separate charge for your child's first set of retainers at the end of treatment. They are included in your orthodontic fee.
  • Every DFC orthodontic patient is given an orthodontic mouthguard at no charge to help prevent dental injuries during sports.
  • Once your child begins treatment with our DFC orthodontist, the total fee for his/her orthodontic records is credited back to your account.

BracesBucks™ Rewards Program

As a way of saying thanks to our patients, and to encourage you to stay involved in your orthodontic treatment, we have created the Dentistry For Children, P.C. BracesBucks™ program. This program is designed to reward patients who successfully comply with their orthodontic care by distributing BracesBucks that are redeemable for many great prizes.



  • BracesBucks are awarded at your regular appointments. Emergencies do not count.
  • The number of BracesBucks you can earn is up to you.
  • You can redeem your BracesBucks at any time.
  • Treat your BracesBucks like real money. Once you spend them or if you lose them, they are gone.
  • If you refer someone to our office, be sure they mention your name so you can earn your BracesBucks.
  • The dental assistant will be the judge of your arrival time and oral hygiene.
  • You must present evidence of your honor roll standing.
  • If you join Facebook, please let us know and we will check our Facebook Fan page.


  • Redeem 15 BracesBucks for a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s
  • Redeem 25 BracesBucks for a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart
  • Redeem 50 BracesBucks for a $25 gift card to the Apple Store, Target or Amazon.com

How you earn your BracesBucks:

  • Arrive on time for your regularly scheduled appointment (1 BracesBuck)
  • No visible plaque on teeth or braces (1 BracesBuck)
  • Healthy, pink gums that don't bleed with brushing (1 BracesBuck)
  • Nothing loose or broken since your last regularly scheduled appointment (1 BracesBuck)
  • Good cooperation with your elastics, headgear or retainer wear (1 BracesBuck)
  • Become a fan of Dentistry For Children on Facebook (1 BracesBuck)
  • Present your DFC "I Got My 6 Month Checkup and Cleaning Certificate" (2 BracesBucks)
  • Present your DFC "I Got My 4 Month Check-up and Cleaning Certificate" (5 BracesBucks)
  • Making honor roll at school (5 BracesBucks)
  • Refer a friend for orthodontics (10 BracesBucks); get a bonus 15 BracesBucks if your friend has their braces placed.

Remember, the more you participate, the more BracesBucks you earn!