Calming the Anxious Child

h-pediatric5We take great pride in understanding that every child is unique and treat all with care, compassion and empathy. We are committed to ensuring the most positive experience for your child. Some children may exhibit anxiety or fear when it comes to visiting the dentist, but rest assured that our entire team is focused on helping your children overcome their anxieties to ensure the best visit possible.

Here are a few helpful tips for an awesome visit:

Be positive: Don’t let your child know of any anxiety you may have about dental visits.

Set a good example at home: Be a good role model. Practice good dental habits at home. Talking to your children about how you go see your dentist often gets them excited about visiting "THEIR" dentist.

Don’t over explain: Leave the talking to us! We use child friendly words and have special, non-scary ways of explaining treatment to your child. Don’t purposely mislead your child. At the same time, don’t give your child more information than s(he) is able to understand. By all means avoid using words like "hurt", "drill", "X-rays" or "shot". Avoid comments that may appear to be reassuring like "Don’t worry, the doctor won’t hurt you". Such comments actually make your child more anxious rather than less. After all, your child knows that when anticipated experiences are really fun, you never say that.

Be prepared to allow your child to go into the treatment area alone: We welcome having parents accompany their child into our treatment area as in many cases this can help with your child's anxiety. We may, however, ask that you be a 'silent partner' and sit by quietly in order to allow us an opportunity to establish communication and trust directly with your child. If we feel that your child may benefit from coming into our treatment area alone, we will first discuss this as an option prior to proceeding.