Hospital Dentistry

Boy smilingAt Dentistry For Children, we take great pride in successfully treating the vast majority of our patients in our office without the need for oral or IV sedation. However, for those patients who have extensive dental needs (typically treatment which requires 4 or more visits) and who are unable to cooperate in our office, hospital dentistry offers a safe, efficient alternative.

In a hospital setting, our pediatric dentists provide the dental treatment while a board certified anesthesiologist oversees the administration and monitoring of general anesthesia.

Our pediatric dentists have all undergone extensive training in hospital dentistry and maintain our certification through the latest in continuing education. This combination of experience and education allows us to understand the complexities of our patients' needs and to ensure the best in care. A number of our pediatric dentists received their pediatric dentistry training right here in the Boston area at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Boston Children's Hospital, where they currently remain on courtesy staff as members of the teaching faculty.

If hospital dentistry is necessary, our hospital treatment coordinator will make the needed arrangements and assist you with your insurance. If you have any questions about hospital dentistry or think that it may be necessary for your child, please contact us.

Dentistry for Children is affiliated with South Shore Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.